“Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”


Finding good quality childcare can be a difficult task for parents. There are lots of things to look out for and to remember to ask when you visit a childcare setting.

How do you know your child will be happy? Will they cater for your child’s needs? What will they eat? Will they have a keyworker? What if my child doesn’t like it?

Many of our parents have come to us with the same questions and concerns! With over 14 years experience in the industry, we can highly guarantee you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

The Play Den is designed to maximise your child’s development through facilitating your child’s exploratively, inquisitive nature, combined with the use of your child’s senses whilst they play, create and investigate.

Our specially designed setting, coupled with the high level of one to one care and our well-developed approach to childcare, has proven to be fun and effective. We always ensure maximum benefit to your child, leaving them feeling safe, stimulated and secure at all times.

Your child will form healthy attachments with their individual, professionally trained key-person and because we understand that you are the most important person in your child’s life, we will share your child’s developmental milestones with you, via the online learning journals provided by Tapestry.

We patiently guide your child with all aspects of their development- connecting them with friends, the community and to nature. Your child is provided with many opportunities to develop their education, personal and social growth through activities such as working on our allotment and playing games that encourage taking turns, sharing and being assertive, with kind hands and a happy heart.

On a daily basis, your child will enjoy high quality activities that are challenging, yet achievable, with heaps of cheers and claps of praise along the way.

Your child will experience strong routines, which invariably gives your child a sense of self-control, an increase in positive behaviors and better social skills.

Additionally, we organise regular outings to places such as the library, the local shops and we plan annual visits to local attractions such as Butterfly World and Farmer Gow’s. We are dedicated to guiding children, to not just develop within themselves, but to develop an understanding of their environment and surroundings.

Providing exceedingly good, 360 degree educational, nutritiously healthy and fun experiences, its no wonder that so many parents have chosen The Play Den. 

Your Child's Education
The Play Den staff proactively place emphasis on your child’s cognitive development. We are dedicated to providing your child with a ‘head start’ for when they start at primary school. Most importantly, our focus is on helping your little learner to grow into a ‘willing’ learner.
Your Child's Play
At the Play Den, our staff will enthusiastically help to develop your child’s many skills through the power of play, inclusive of developing their language skills, emotions, creativity and social skills.
Your Child's Nutrition
How your child eats today will have a striking impact on their health from childhood through to adulthood. At The Play Den, all meals are cooked ‘from scratch’, in our on-site kitchen, by staff who are fully trained in food and hygiene and health and safety.


Take a look at what a typical day at The Play Den looks like. Routine is always order of the day.